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Visit to Yanmar‘s European Headoffice in Almere, NL

Aktualisiert: 20. Jan. 2023

On December 7th Peer Gröpper in his function as Manager Engine Sales of Nippon Diesel Services

visited Yanmar Europe in Almere. The office complex lies about 3 meters below sea level.

Almere is a city near Amsterdam close to the Ijsselmeer. The city was founded in 1976 on reclaimed land and is today a fast-growing community with about 220,000 inhabitants (53% of them under the age of 40 years).

Yanmar is using the Almere office as distribution center for Europe, as well as one of their commercial Headquarters around the globe. With more than 110 years history Yanmar is truly one of the leading Diesel Engine manufacturers in the world and is a pioneer in energy technology.

“Realizing a sustainable society” was the company’s vision for 2020. Yanmar plans to become a premium Brand within the next years. Technology – Service – Hospitality are the foundations for an even more advanced customer satisfaction.

Reading the 100-year anniversary book taught me a lot about the philosophy of Yanmar.

Two slogans appealed to me at once:

“Prosperity from Power”, Saigo & Co., Calcutta formed this slogan in the late 1940ies.

“To conserve fuel is to serve mankind” (1937), 85 years later the fundamental principle of President Yamaoka is truer than ever.

I am thrilled to be part of the Yanmar journey of servicing customers at land, sea, and cities. The first main engines for newbuilding Multipurpose vessels have been sold by Yanmar to one of the leading

German shipowners, Messrs. Briese Schiffahrt, Leer. A series of four OTECO 9000 vessels (Open Top Economical) Multipurpose vessels will be built with Yanmar main engine.

We hope to be able to convince more owners of the accountability of Yanmar engines.

Please contact me for any question you may have regarding the reliable, powerful four stroke main engines of Yanmar.

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