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Baas Shipping entrusted Luba Shipping to act as contracting broker to order four 5900XL MPP Coasters

Baas Shipping has contracted four 5900XL MPP Coasters at Dajin Heavy Industies.

We are very happy to have been the contracting brokers and managed to add value and expertise to these newbuilding contracts on behalf of Baas Shipping (MV Baas Bay and Baas Sound) and Leonhard & Blumberg (MV Hansa Christiansoe and Hansa Drejoe).

In total Luba Shipping has now contracted 18 vessels designed by Groot Ship Design and we are thankful for the cooperation and deep understanding.

Three different projects we jointly worked on and signed at the shipyards during the past 8 years.

Luba Shipping has closely looked at the Turkish and Indian Indian shipbuilding market, which offer substantial opportunities.

We are working on an innovative Coaster design, a brand new about 9,000 tdw MPP design, as well as a modern 45,000 tdw Bulker Carrier design. Best prices may be from China presently, but there are certain chances at other shipyards, which we can elaborate on upon request.

It has been a great pleasure to be part of the ordering of these four newbuilding contracts.

We thank our clients, Messrs. Baas Shipping and Leonhard & Blumberg for the trust, excellent cooperation and strong support. Same applies for the staff and business department of Dajin Shipyard.

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