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Breakbulk Europe Sets New Record And Luba Shipping was part of it

More than 10,400 people from 126 countries attended Breakbulk Europe in Rotterdam last week.

Networking at its best:

on and off the show floor.

Or the good old way at the parties, lunches and Exhibition surrounding events.

Better, Bigger, Breakbulk

was one of the slogans at the Exhibiton, but most visitors it seemed were searching for direction. Where will the market be within next 12 or 24 months.

Woman had their own breakfast event and were assured that one formular in shipping always works: Be Yourself.

Education Day was the Meet & Greet platform for young talent. A great initiative to show students the various opportunities in the Breakbulk and Shipping field.

The Rotterdam Hyve group did a perfect organization. The Dutch Way, open minded, happy, and professional.

They key take away of the BBEU, no one knows what the markets will do when.

But all agree the record rates are past and the business will pick up again

some time in 2024 for the coming years. Earnings are on a sound level and may increase again.

The RoRo markets are still increasing and enjoying top markets. The order book grows continuously with more than 100 vessels on order mainly from Chinese shipyards.

The ageing fleet combined with sanctions and sustainability regulations will be major market drivers. The small order book and shipyard capacity basically booked out until 2025, may give hope for rising rates sooner rather than later.

See you again at Breakbulk Europe in 2024 or at Breakbulk America in September.

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