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Today is World Maritime Day - Marpol at 50 - our commitment goes on

Cleaner more advanced greener newbuildings hitting the water.

Briese‘s MV Eco Titan one of the most economical and ecological Multipurpose vessels servicing the maritime industry.

Meanwhile we celebrate 30 Years Collaboration between Peer Gröpper and Briese Schiffahrt as well as the delivery of the MV ECO Titan.

A busy few weeks for Briese Schiffahrt.

Yesterday, 27th September the MV ECO Titan is the latest addition to one of the most modern Multipurpose Fleets.

It is the first vessel of the OTECO 9000 series, which is the upgraded, larger version of the OTECO 5000 series. Dayang Offshore & Equipment Co. (Dayang Shipyard) will deliver another two sister vessels (ECO Trust, ECO Trophy) within 2023 and another seven units are to follow in 2024/2025.

Luba Shipping is proud and happy to have contributed expertise, hard work and persistance as contracting broker.

It is the 5th newbuilding project between Luba’s Peer Gröpper and Briese Schiffahrt since 1996. The first newbuilding ever placed by Briese Schiffahrt in China, was placed by Peer Gröpper as contracting broker at Xingang Shipyard.

We are pleased to have been of service to Briese Schiffahrt and the Briese family for more than 30 years and looking forward to many more common projects.

Luba is always ready to serve and add value to new projects for established or new clients.

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