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Peer visits Bilbao to participate in the World Maritime Week

Four panel international Conferences and an exhibition area will deal with the outlook for the Maritime Sector.

This Basque Maritime Forum will create fresh thinking for the challenges of our industry. The aspects of Ocean Energy, Futureport, Fishing Industry and Construction and Design will be focused.

The never-ending Sustainability and Decarbonization discussions will be flanked by a discussion about competitiveness and resilience in the European Maritime Industry. I feel this is one of the hottest topics and will need more attention in my opinion.

The visit to Bilbao is combined with meeting with the Zamakona Yards Group (ZAMAKONA). This group with its three shipyards in Bilbao, Pasaia and Las Palmas

started business more than 50 years ago and I am proud to be their representative

for northern Europe since March, 2023.

ZAMAKONA carry out all kind of shiprepairs and conversions and can offer newbuilding berths (upto 110m LOA) as well. More than 400 vessels have been delivered successfully to shipowners from all over the world.

Fishtrawler, Tug boats, Dredgers, TSHD (Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers), Product Oil Tankers, Field Support Vessels and AHTS to mention a few shiptypes are ZAMAKONA’S specialty.

I look forward to this trip - Bilbao here I come

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