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Luba Shipping’s Peer Gröpper visits the SMM Fair in Hamburg on 6th September.


Meeting old friends and business associates in person is always the best.

The SMM in September 2022 was a perfect example. Together with my business associates of Yanmar Europe BV we visited Thomas Meyer Storck, GM of abh ship design to discuss new means of cooperation. The latest Information on propulsion developments and ship design was exchanged. Very fruitful exchange and discussions in a friendly atmosphere.

Later met Werner Hesse, founder of abh shi design at the Flettner Stand. Which was a great pleasure. We travelled together to Shanghai’s Qiu Xin shipyard back in 1996 for a Container project, where abh ship design did the project’s design.

Catching up with old friends at the Becker Marine stand. Sören Hildebrand of Becker Marine and I get a deep inside into CCP’s latest platform solutions. Michael Schmidt, head of Projects and ESG, explains the developments in modern tracking of ships data.

Meeting ex colleagues from happy times in Lübeck at Egon Oldendorff’s head office in Lübeck.

Klaus Lindner one of Oldendorff veteran superintendents and inventor of the “Okkupanz Verdimpler”, together with other Oldendorff staff of the Technical department.

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