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In May Peer Gröpper visited the Breakbulk Fair in Rotterdam

A great opportunity to meet old and make new shipping friends. A very compact fair, where breakbulk and multipurpose owners and forwarders all have their stands and exchange latest news, developments, and trends.

Main topic for shipbuilding remains the future propulsion systems. Which fuel will be driving the engines in future. Methanol, Ammonium or LNG? Some lean to green methanol, but this cannot be supplied at reasonable costs and no distribution network exists yet.

Messrs. Briese presented their latest newbuilding designs, like the OTECO 9000 and their latest series of 11,500 tdw MPP carries ex Sanfu Shipyard in China. The OTECO 9000 series was extended from 6 to a total of 10 ships. We take pride in having been instrumental in ordering the units on behalf of Briese at Dayang Offshore Shipyard.

Interesting to note is also the step by German owner Heino Schepers who decided to build a series of 7,200 tdw MPP Tweendeckers at Cochin Shipyard in India. A building country which has not been very prominent in recent years.

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