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Blue Soul's & LUBA Shipping's Managing Directors on a way forward into a greener future in shipping

Maritime Consulting in Shipping

Blue Soul Environmental Technology Ltd.’s Professor Qu Yongfeng and Peer Gröpper visit Hamburg shipowner Vega Reederei at their premises in Hamburg’s beautiful Elbchaussee. Managing Directors Arend and Arne Brügge exchanged ideas on future green shipping developments and Bluesouls latest Bastion B Type Tanks made of Aluminium Alloy. These tanks will be fantastic new products being stronger than usual tanks and saving weight and installation time into vessels.

A way forward into a greener future in shipping. More safety for the vessel, crew and cargo with less Construction time and material used.

Bluesoul is the latest cooperation partner of Luba Shipping. As of 2022 Luba is doing the marketing on Behalf of this top-class Shanghai based company. Bluesoul was founded in 2015 and today is already one of the leading Aluminum Alloy manufacturers in China. A company driven by innovation, sound engineering and the Asian can do mentality. A great opportunity for Luba Shipping to cooperate with Bluesoul and market their products in the German and European market.

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